How to write good content for SEO

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The first and most important part of SEO is having a quality content. Because getting the content correctly will set you the base of supporting all your SEO efforts. Hence why it’s the reason behind the saying ‘content is king’. Let’s take a look at the following fundamental factors that will help with creating the perfect content.

Quality content

When it comes to quality content, ask yourself, are you providing an engaging content that will keep your visitors wanting more? Or are you just providing the same old content that you can find anywhere? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. If it’s a no, don’t worry! When writing your content all you have to do is check that it contains the following elements: useful, unique and exciting.

Keyword search

After you got the right content, it’s time to find the right keywords to add with your content. What I mean by keywords are the words that many online users would type in on a search engine. There are plenty of website online that can help you find the keywords for your topic of content.

Vertical search

Google will not always look at the topic of your content. It can shift its focus on other aspects such as vertical results. The vertical simply means videos, images or news. So if you add in some of these vertical elements in your content, then you are likely to get Google’s attention.

Fresh contents

Fresh is just another term we used for new contents. Why pick a new content? Well, Google loves fresh contents! Googles performs a “query deserved freshness” (QDF) all the time. QDF means if there is a new content out then they are likely to put those type of contents higher in the ranking. However, Google will only put up the fresh new contents while it’s still popular at the time. Therefore after the freshness has gone down, so will your ranking.

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