We know that:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are simple concepts that will boost your website traffic quicker than virtually anything else could. Using specific formulas that involve the research, submission, and placement of a website and its content, those who utilize these two tools will reach maximum visibility for their website and associated services, and will increase organic traffic referrals (listings on search engines that appear because of their relevancy, not because of their being an advertisement) from any search engine.

Specifically, SEO is set in place to provide the best organic search results, while SEM is to assist in targeting users with paid links, in addition to the organic search results.

These strategies are the best way to utilize keyword research (using past searches to predict what potential customers, clients, or users will use when seeking for any product or service), paid listings, and any other search engine services that are sure to bring the most traffic to you.