10 Simple Tweaks to Make a SEO Better

social-media1. Social Media

A lot of search engines are gradually incorporating social media pages into searches. It is therefore a good idea to make sure your social media page has great content to increase your followers and improve your visibility in search engines.

2. Mobile Friendly Websites

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 people who utilize the internet own smart phones. This means that majority of the people browse the internet through their mobile devices. It is therefore a good idea to ensure your website is mobile friendly so that your target audience can have access anywhere anytime.

3. Add Voice Search

With the voice search feature on so many types of phones today, many businesses are incorporating this feature into their websites. This allows people to access services and carry our searches when multitasking. It also gives you an upper hand against your competition.

4. Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app for your business, it is time you got one. According to research, most people prefer mobile apps to websites. It is therefore a great idea to create an app that allows majority of the people to have access to your business services at any time. This will also give you visibility of mobile apps advantage on Google search which helps you improve SEO.

5. Local SEO

The other way to improve your SEO is by using local SEO. This is where you indicate where your business is located and a geographical description of your location. This way, when people search using specific town names or locations, your business is ranked even higher.

6. Create Great Content

One of the easiest ways to boost your SEO ranking is to ensure that you have great content on your website. This will boost traffic to your website and it will definitely play an important role in boosting your rankings.

7. Personal Hosting and Domain

It is very important to consider getting your own domain and hosting when looking to improve your SEO. This is because Google looks for serious website owners and nothing says serious more than owning your own hosting and domain space.

8. Optimized Themes

Another way to improve your SEO is to make sure you have optimized your themes. This means using original themes, themes that load fast and minimizing or doing away with broken links. This will definitely give you a higher rank on Google.

9. Utilize Other Blogs

You can also use other blogs to improve your SEO ranking. By commenting on different blogs, you get to increase traffic build relationships and most importantly, it acts as a backlink which is great for SEO.

62% of all searches are video searches. This is something a lot of business owners have taken advantage of. One way to improve your SEO is come up with videos with great content that will improve your ranking in search engines.

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